John Abel for Mayor of Aurora

In 2010, at the age of 55, I decided to be a candidate for the Aurora Town Council because I had come to realize that politics should be about improving people’s lives – no more and no less. My wife, Tracy, and I raised our children in Aurora and I felt it was time to give back to the community we love. I also knew that I could make a difference. Over the past seven and a half years, I have served as Deputy Mayor of Aurora. I am proud of the volunteer work I have done, the boards I am on, and the initiatives that I introduced on behalf of my fellow residents.


As Mayor, I will focus on the issues that most affect the community of Aurora. I will be unveiling a detailed plan as the campaign unfolds.

Ready, Willing and Abel

As Deputy Mayor for the past seven and a half years, I can tell you that there are some important issues that have not yet been addressed. These issues should have triggered alarm bells within Town Hall but the sad fact is we are not getting things done.

The Abel way – determination, collaboration and talent will rule the day. Under my leadership, the Town Council will be united by one goal: to improve the lives of the people of Aurora.

On October 22, I ask for your support.

As Mayor of Aurora I will fix town council

As Deputy Mayor, I have witnessed some atrocious practices that have no place in any Town Hall. Our Council has made a number of poor decisions and bad deals that are unnecessarily costing Aurorans money. If elected Mayor, the Town Council will function with new-found transparency. We will stop wasting taxpayers’ money and we will never do an important deal without consulting the community at large. We will all be guided by the same single purpose: to improve the lives of the people of Aurora.